The professional at Andrea Pryor can effectively relieve a wide range of allergies!

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Comprehensive Care Services

Allergies can be frustrating and even life threatening. However, taking preventative measures will minimise the exposure and risk!

At Andrea Pryor, we:

  • Offer a safe, non-invasive and painess way of finding exactly what you’re allergic to
  • Get to the root cause of your symptoms
  • Use safe and natural remedies to resolve your allergic condition

Our highly qualified practitioner conducts one-on-one consultations and tests before delivering comprehensive care services!

We use a wide range of herbal medicines

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Gentle and Powerful Allergy Treatment

Whether you’re suffering from an allergy or intolerance, call Andrea Pryor for a gentle yet powerful form of treatment.

By combining iridology (diagnostic tool) with comprehensive case history, we will determine your health status and help alleviate discomfort from different types of allergies.

Our goal is to harness the natural healing power of your body, mind and spirit!

We will determine your health status and help alleviate discomfort

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Over 20 years of experience

Safe, reliable and simple health solutions

Comprehensive quality care

Patient oriented

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At Andrea Pryor, we use herbal liquids, homeopathy and scientifically formulated supplements to encourage your body to recover from illness!