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Our clinic is based on referrals, and I appreciate any introduction of new clients.

The clinic in East Malvern offers a range of diverse treatments and stocks 'practitioner only' products at reasonable prices.


The use of concentrated herbal extracts that have known medicinal qualities in liquid, tablet, capsule or powder form.


The use of small, diluted substances (botanical and mineral) to treat specific ailments.


A range of dietary modifications that explores the relationship between diet and food intolerances.


A technique based on the notion that the eyes offer a reliable representation of a person’s internal health by observing the fibres and colours that overlay the iris using a magnified light.

Herbal medicine

We help alleviate pain and prevent the risk of diseases.

Other products


A foot massage treatment that provides gentle rejuvenation to all organs.


A method of creating a vacuum with the safe use of candles to remove wax or excess fluid levels in the middle ear.


Best quality quinoa, frozen berries, protein powders, protein bars, protein soups and medicinal teas.


Filtered water bottles, water filters, cold pressed juicers, dehydrators, ionizers, Oxychi machines, blenders, aromatherapy diffusers, massage cushions, books and CDs.

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Over 20 years of experience

Safe, reliable and simple health solutions

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At Andrea Pryor, we use herbal liquids, homeopathy and scientifically formulated supplements to encourage your body to recover from illness!