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With over 20 years of experience, Andrea Pryor specialises in diagnosing and treating digestive problems!

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Digestive Health Support

All sorts of foods can throw the digestive system out of kilter. However, irregular eating habits, stress or illness can also play a part.

Whatever the origins, your digestive system needs help to maintain its normal state! With years of experience, Andrea Pryor provides digestive health support to a wide range of clients!

Using state-of-the-art technology, we ensure each patient is treated with compassion and confidentiality. Call us today.

We ensure you’re treated with compassion and confidentiality

Digestive Health  Malvern East

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Digestive Health Melbourne

Personalised and Whole Body Approach

At Andrea Pryor, we believe that digestive health plays a vital role in contributing to your overall wellbeing!

By taking a personalised and whole body approach, our integrative professional will take your condition into account, help alleviate pain and prevent the risk of diseases. Moreover, we offer:

  • Digestive stool analysis
  • Fructose tests
  • Gluten tests
  • Lactose breath tests

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We help alleviate pain and prevent the risk of diseases

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At Andrea Pryor, we use herbal liquids, homeopathy and scientifically formulated supplements to encourage your body to recover from illness!